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Where do I send an order?

Please send a copy of your contract or title request to ORDERS@BATTLEFIELDTITLE.COM

Who is my closing agent?

Your closer will be assigned when the contract/title request is logged into our system. An email confirming receipt of the title order will contain the name and email address of your closer.

Do I have to attend closing in person?

It is preferable that you attend closing in person. However, there are two ways to do your closing if you cannot be here in person:

1) Choose someone you trust to sign on your behalf and give them power of attorney to you (we will prepare the power of attorney for an additional fee of $125). If you have a power of attorney prepared by a third party, we MUST review it prior to closing. Additionally, if you are buyer and you are getting a loan to purchase your property, your lender will need to approve the power of attorney prior to closing
2) We can email your documents to you. You will be responsible for finding a notary public and properly executing the documents without the benefit of having us go over the documents with you in person

What is your turn around time?

Our turnaround time depends on current demand. We will do everything possible to meet your closing timeline, but typically our title searches take 2-3 weeks. Even “cash” transactions take this long because we still have to complete a title search.

Who typically pays the closing costs?

A typical contract generally puts the burden of paying closing costs on the buyer unless the parties agree otherwise. However, everything is 100% negotiable in your contract.

Do I need to wire money or can I just write a check?

The Georgia “Good Funds” statute requires that all funds over $5,000 be WIRED for closing (please call our office to obtain our wiring instructions).

If the amount you need for closing is under $500.00, you may write a personal check payable to Battlefield Title Company, LLC.

If the amount you need for closing is between $500.00 - $5,000.00, you may bring a cashier’s check payable to Battlefield Title Company, LLC.